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Brexit Case Study: Clearlight Brokerage

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Brexit Case Study: Clearlight Brokerage

Read Helen’s recent article published by Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce on Brexit.

You can read this piece via the Chamber of Commerce website here

Chamber of Commerce Article


Helen Davey Clearlight Customs

Brexit Case Study: Clearlight Customs

This case study is part of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Brexit toolkit. Our Business Brexit Toolkit sets out suggestions for how businesses can get “Brexit ready”, facts and stats on Brexit and the region’s relationship with the EU and our asks for stakeholders on both Brexit negotiations and the domestic policy changes that businesses need to thrive. For more information click here.

Initial thoughts after the referendum of June 23rd, 2016 that the UK was leaving the European Union was naturally related to the EU import/export process and the requirements for customs declarations to be made for each transaction.

There were numerous risks and issues we identified for our clients including;

  1. Awareness/training of international processes
  2. Significant increase of customs declarations UK/EU e.g. current 55 million to around 300 million per year
  3. CDS – changes in system and process
  4. Supply Chain disruption

Equally we did identify service opportunities to help guide/assist business through these changing times some of which are listed below;

  1. Write and prepare training workshops
  2. Liaise/negotiate with software provider for their offerings in relation providing “bolt on” customs clearance software
  3. Authorised economic Operator (AEO) opens simplifications for customs activities and “trusted trader” status for security
  4. CDS – preparedness, awareness and training. Planned transition autumn 2018 into early 2019

All these opportunities take time to implement and put into place within a business as process changes may have to take place.

In order for our business to respond to the foreseeable changes we have actively changed our strategy in the following areas;

  1. Engaged with businesses
  2. Direct marketing
  3. Speaking at conferences
  4. Updating website
  5. Engaged with GBCC/EEN/BCC for invitations to attend AEO Round table forums
  6. Engaging with GBCC/EEN/BCC to gain invitations to attend Brexit forums
  7. Developing a strategy for Special Customs Procedures

It’s a difficult subject to inform anyone what the outlook will be like in 12 months’ time however, as the adage says, “Fail to prepare and we prepare to fail”.  Let’s keep our UK business moving forward.

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Customs Declarations for EU Trade – Clearlight Brokerage Limited
Customs Declarations for EU Trade – Clearlight Brokerage Limited

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