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Delayed at customs

Delayed at customs

There can be many reasons for shipments to be delayed at customs. The most common is missing documentation or vital information not available on the accompanying paperwork. However delays can also be caused by external influences such as a global catastrophe or natural forces which are uncontrollable.

We have outlined in brief, some of the more common reasons for shipments delayed at customs.  Our sister company Clearlight Customs has written a more in-depth report covering these elements which can be found here.

Reasons for delay at customs:

  1. Values, currency or adequate description of goods missing from shipping documentation.
  2. Customs import/export declarations – missing  information preventing submission.
  3. Licence requirements – commodity requires a licence to be declared however these requirements are not met.
  4. Certificates of Origin – information provided is not accurate or missing.
  5. Seasons – Global celebrations, Xmas, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year.
  6. External influences – Strikes, high seas, epidemics, pandemics, adverse weather conditions.
  7. Seized goods – HMRC, UK Border Force, fines/civil penalties, licence issues.

In conclusion:

International Import and Export has many rules to follow and therefore understanding the requirements will assist you in avoiding any delay in your supply chain and customs.  Research any new or unfamiliar destination requirements in the customs arena to adequately prepare you for any obstacles that maybe uncovered.

If you require any further information or assistance let us throw you a lifeline .




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Customs Declarations for EU Trade – Clearlight Brokerage Limited

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